Financial Performance Management (FPM)

The vision for Financial Performance Management focuses on the relationship between the three critical processes of the 'Office of Finance'.


To find out more about LSA's approach and the products that we provide and support, click on any one of the stages of the Finance Cycle below:

Plan, Forecast & Control

Analyse & Optimise

Close, Consolidate & Report

LSA, using FPM software from carefully selected vendors, provide finance professionals with an integrated solution for each of these steps. This coupled with our in-depth knowledge and experience of successful implementations and training since 1995, provides you with the necessary tools and expertise to address these requirements successfully.

Disclosure Management

The end of year accounting period encompasses additional particular demands for the Office of Finance. This year-end workload often has to be repeated for half-year results disclosure packs and possibly quarterly market and investor updates also. Here, we take a look at some of the issues involved and consider how Disclosure Management software can help make these processes more manageable.

Faced with particular requirements at the end of year, it's not surprising that the reporting process, both statutory and internal, can be a hugely complex affair. And the larger your organisation becomes, the more demands arise in order to satisfy accounting procedures, shareholders, and your own budgeting & forecasting for the coming year.

LSA's own experience from working with our clients has shown that the single biggest headache for the Office of Finance at this time of year is version control. Reporting the figures accurately is vital, and one of the biggest barriers to getting this right is to ensure that all the various documents from your organisation start from the same baseline, use the same formulas, and pick up the same detail. Anyone who has worked on even one project within a team sharing a spreadsheet or Word document will be familiar with the headaches created by small inconsistencies introduced every time an amendment or update is made.


Your budgeting and forecasting processes too are vital. Can you be certain that budgets are submitted and up to date, and that forecasts and plans are in place - and if you are, how sure are you that you have the capabilities to report on it in the manner and timescales needed?

Add-in the creation of reporting packs, and statutory requirements which can include XBRL submissions, and not surprisingly the scale of the operation and the time consumed to administer it become obvious. But all of the issues outlined briefly here can be successfully addressed with the right choice of Disclosure Management software, representing a considerable saving in additional work and an opportunity to put your company ahead of the competition in reporting your annual results to your market.

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