Why Performance Management In a Weak Economy
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How Performance Management Can Help You
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Performance Manager

The new business book, The performance Manager can help you turn the growing information-intensity of your job from a challenge to a competitive advantage.

The Performance Manager

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Financial Performance Management Software

Financial Performance Management (FPM) addresses the rapidly changing nature of a volatile economy. Successful companies are embracing FPM and finding they can enable innovative use of the huge amounts of data they are now accumulating not only to make real savings over their existing processes, but also to use that intelligence for better commercial Performance Management by utilising the most appropriate software.

Performance Management solutions identify best-practice decision areas or information sweet spots by business function. This process, most often led by the Office of Finance then provides a real commercial lead which rapidly spreads to the rest of the enterprise.



Be the Financial Performance Manager

With such a new style of economy to deal with, a new style of Financial Performance Manager has also emerged. Gone are the days of finance departments having to contend with time-consuming labour intensive and entrenched period-end processes which drain valuable time and stifle departmental productivity.

CFO's now have adapted their own role to enable their teams to take advantage of the whole planning, reporting and analysis process to uncover real commercial insights and drive their business forward from the Office of Finance using agile software systems.

Key personnel are now enabled to react, gain insight, and add value to the output of their financial processes rather than be a slave to the process of producing them. The enlightened enterprise now has the ability to stay ahead of the game and understand exactly what financial performance indicators are driving business and apply insightful and innovative measures to them to provide the nucleus of an enterprise-wide Performance Management strategy.

The starting point for this process is the selection of the right FPM software for your situation. Understanding exactly which products do the job you require and provide a platform for your future strategy is key. LSA Solutions have the deep understanding of the subject that you need to enable the most effective and timely application of an FPM strategy. These pages highlight some of the products that we endorse and support.

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