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The Performance Manager

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Support & Services

LSA Solutions are focused on delivering success to our clients, through the provision of knowledgeable services relevant to your project.

If you are a supported LSA client and wish to log a support call, please do so though our Support Portal.


LSA are here to manage all your support requirements, enabling you to benefit from a support service from the people who know your application. This means that you will invariably be directed in the first instance to either the local or specialist consultant who has worked on your application, providing a holistic LSA approach that has consistently proven to be the fastest route to issue resolution for our customers. When necessary, LSA Solutions also provide and manage direct support from our software vendor partners as appropriate.

To enable call tracking, all Support calls do need to be logged using our
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Installation and optimisation of software

A key skill which is well understood by LSA. Critical to the overall performance of your application as it is developed, this is one of the key building blocks which are often overlooked.

Depth of Expertise
LSA have successfully delivered many applications to companies across a wide variety of operating systems, platforms and database infrastructures over a period in excess of 15 years. Our guidance and design at an early stage in your project can prove to be the real differentiator in determining whether your project meets time and budget targets.

Financial Accreditation
Significantly, all of our consultants are financially trained and accredited and many have held senior positions (up to and including Financial Director) in large organisations. LSA therefore have the advantage that with all of our 'Office of Finance' products, we can provide a detailed understanding of what is required by the end user, and help you to deliver 'financially accountable' solutions that are based upon previous experience yet configured to meet your individual needs.

Training Services
LSA deliver relevant training programmes to your users based on your own application. We can also deliver standard courses and/or assist you to develop your own training programme and train your internal trainers.

Our close relationship with our partners as a Value-added Reseller (VAR) enables us to provide you with the project management knowledge that you will need in order to benefit from making informed decisions on version release and implications for your environment, license procurement strategy, and relevant timing of your purchase through the most appropriate channel in order to achieve the wisest procurement solution for you.

Adding Service Value
LSA support your project with relevant support skills such as database design and management skills, to optimise your build process.

We are dedicated to working with you to enable the provision of key skills, coupled with fast knowledge transfer, and on-going support to ensure that your project achieves success quickly.