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Our Services


LSA provide consulting to support you in every aspect of your Financial Performance Management project. From initial consulting to provide guidance on the appropriate software solutions and help you build your business case, through implementation, optimisation and training, to ongoing and telephone support using the knowledgeable insights of your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

LSA Solutions Have the Depth of Knowledge and Key Experience You'll Need

Our guidance and design at an early stage in your project can prove to be the real differentiator in determining whether your project meets time and budget targets, and whether the software is appropriate for your needs. 

We'll work with you to enable the provision of key skills, coupled with fast knowledge transfer.

Do you provide software training services ?

How do you choose the software vendors that you re-sell and support ?

From our long experience, we choose the vendors that we know will provide software which is recognised to deliver specific solutions extremely well and which we can integrate into most existing IT environments without issue.

Do LSA employ experienced business consultants with relevant knowledge ?

All of our consultants are financially trained and accredited, and many have held senior positions (up to and including Financial Director) in large organisations. We provide a detailed understanding of what is required by the end user.

Can LSA Solutions help with existing applications?

Yes, LSA Solutions extensive knowledge of Performance Management solutions over more than 20 years means that we are often able to help clients extend the life and leverage their existing solutions for improved Business Insight.


We’ve been delivering Financial Consolidation, Budgeting, Planning and Reporting solutions to the Office of Finance for over 20 years to some of the biggest companies in the UK and overseas.
LSA deliver relevant training programmes to your users based on your own application.
Our carefully chosen software relationships for every business requirement.
We are focused on delivering success to our clients, through our key implementation skills.

LSA Solutions Service Quality

LSA Solutions are driven by the ethos of “working together for mutual benefit” and delivering value. Complimentary process reviews and on-site consultancy for application health-checks can be arranged to support your requirements.

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