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Our Solutions


LSA, using FPM software from carefully selected vendors, provide finance professionals with an integrated solution for all processes of Financial Performance Management. This coupled with our in-depth knowledge and experience of successful implementations and training since 1995, provides you with the necessary tools and expertise to realise your FPM strategy far more quickly than you thought. Our experience is your biggest FPM asset.

Our Financial Performance Management Solutions

Close & Consolidate

Financial Consolidation and reliance upon the accuracy of the 'Close' process lays at the very heart of Group Financial Control.

Budget & Plan

Integrated Financial Planning, Budgets, and Forecasts, enabling cross-organisational communications and cashflows.

Disclose & Report

Often seen as the 'last mile' of Financial Reporting. The management of narrative and explanations with the results.

Visualise KPI's

Financial Focus and Insights are often better understood and conveyed through the use of appropriate visual displays.

Analyse and Discover

Decision Support Solutions have developed into essential tools for today’s data analytics and Corporate Performance.

AI & Machine Learning

Predictive and Operational Planning based upon trends and external circumstances rely upon latest technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Making an Informed Choice of Software is The Most Important Decision You’ll Take

We have exactly the right level of insight and experience that you need in order to overcome issues and understand the options you have. We will guide you through the process of selecting the correct software for your purposes, implement the solution and involve ourselves with the process of educating your key team members to overcome barriers to change and create your centre of FPM excellence.

Why should I engage LSA to help me to make the right choice of software for my business ?

We use spreadsheet solutions. Why would we change ?

Spreadsheet-based systems (by their very nature created using many different versions of the truth) suck up so much resource to manage them, that finance departments find they are chasing errors instead of answering business questions.

I’ve heard that FPM projects can be extremely protracted and costly ?

The wrong choice of software can lead to this situation. We will show you how to realise your FPM strategy far more quickly than you thought. Our expertise is your biggest FPM asset.

LSA Solutions Service Quality

"A big thank you for all your help and support over the last 18 months or so. We would have not gone live and I suspect the project will have failed without LSA's help" - Head of Group Finance, software business.

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